We are a strong and dedicated team of creative reuse professionals who love diverting usable waste from the waste stream and making creative materials accessible to teachers, parents, kids, hobbyists, crafters, artisans, creative entrepreneurs and, well, everyone.




Hometown: Ypsilanti, MI
Been at SCRAP since: Jan 2018
SCRAP expertise: Organization, Events, Marketing, Operations 
Favorite store item: Textiles, Yarn, Embroidery Floss
Favorite creative reuse project: Knitting & Cross stitch
What they’re up to off the clock: When I am off the clock I enjoy spending as much time with my family, friends, and dogs as I can. 



Reuse Specialist 

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Been at SCRAP since: January 2018
Expertise: Art and collage materials, making sense of things, thinking everything small should be made into fairy furniture
Favorite Store Items: Fabric, paper, stickers, anything that’s shiny
Favorite creative reuse project: Repurposing old books, fairy houses
What they’re up to off the clock: Binding books, beginner bullet-journaling, black-out-poetry producing, musing media, cuddling cats, catching caches, pondering puns



Reuse Specialist

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Been at SCRAP Box since: January 2019
SCRAP Expertise: Making the store look pretty
Favorite store item: Containers, ribbon, and anything black or gold
Favorite creative reuse project: Making useful items out of less useful ones
You’ll find me hanging out with my kiddo, reorganizing my house even when it doesn’t need it, reading my book club books, and helping out with my other non-profit love: MuslimARC.

Renee Lalinsky


Reuse Specialist

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI 
Been at SCRAP since: Jan 2020 
SCRAP expertise: Improvised engineering and randomly knowing where things are.  
Favorite store item: Fill-A-Bag section, broken jewelry, natural specimens
Favorite creative reuse project: My favorite projects are ones which require research and provide scientifically accurate information. And Halloween costumes.
What they’re up to off the clock: Arting, crafting, questioning everything, cuddling kitten snugglebugs, baking, watching T.V. and reading dictionaries.


Freida Steiner SCRAP

Freida Steiner

Education Specialist

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI  
Been at SCRAP since: March 2020  
SCRAP expertise: teaching crafting 
Favorite store item: old magazines
Favorite creative reuse project: any/all wearable art!
What they’re up to off the clock: finding great nature spots, eating great food, laughing with great friends, playing with cute pets


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